Up and coming to the Kernel will be a blog that everyone can use. It will be for staffers, not just writers or photographers, and it will be updated several times a week with examples of good journalism, props and flops of the week, status on Kernel events (which will be happening much more often) and more.

The blog site is set up but needs tweaking. I hope this helps to build our writing community as much as our writing community has developed.

If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know: bradluttrell@gmail.com.



April 15, 2008

I read this on a design forum this afternoon, but the words of wisdom carry just as much strength when applied to photography.  Just replace the word design with photo(journalism).

Design is a calling – not a vocation.
If you cannot live it – see the world through it, then you should probably sell mutual funds.
Working hard is the only option – but then again, if it is truly your calling, it won’t seem like work – but rather something like fulfillment.

Workshops and what-not

February 27, 2008

Post by Brad Luttrell

For one weekend, the entire city of Bowling Green was up for grabs.

Ten UK students, including myself, participated in a photojournalism/multimedia workshop two weekends ago and set out to document life in the Western Kentucky community. Diverse stories were not hard to find.

One student produced a story about the turnaround of a ghetto to the now colorful, family friendly area dubbed Little Mexico. Another told the story of a skateboard shop that some say saved their lives with a program that gives kids not only skateboards, but a safe place to use them. All participants covered a different Sunday morning worship services, finding multiple aspects of religion in the community.

The task was documenting all of these events not only through a lens, but a microphone as well.
A team of still photographers and multimedia producers, who capture audio and produce a slideshow, worked in pairs on each assignment.

Participants produced about a dozen multimedia pieces documenting the community in three days while working with Kernel Photo Adviser Jim Winn, Bowling Green Daily News Photographer Hunter Wilson and Midland Daily News Photographer Brett Marshall.

At the workshop, students learned the same programs that nationally known multimedia producers use every day. Everyone worked to not only become better photographers and producers, but also better visual storytellers.

All of the multimedia pieces are on display at the Kernel’s new Web site, (www.kernelmixedmedia.com), in the Mixed Media section.



February 5, 2008


I’ve had a thing for Henri Cartier Bresson lately, and came across a Bresson quote that I like this morning on Jonathan Palmer’s blog and though I’d share.


“Manufactured” or staged photography does not concern me . And if I make a judgement it can only be on a psychological or sociological level. There are those who take photographs arranged beforehand and those who go out and discover the image and seize it. -Henri Cartier Bresson

Here’s another:

“As photojournalists we supply information to a world that is overwhelmed with preoccupations and full of people who need the company of images….We pass judgment on what we see, and this involves an enormous responsibility.”


Who is this Bresson person? Cartier Bresson is generally considered to be one of the fathers of modern photojournalism, he is one of the founding members of the agency Magnum, and is responsible for the phrase (and book) “the decisive moment”.


KNPA Results

January 31, 2008


The UK Photojournalism program did exceptionally well at the KNPA conference last week, winning 15 awards in the student contest. As far as I can tell that is the largest number of awards UK has brought home so far in a KNPA contest, so I am really proud of you collectively for how well you represented the effort you’ve put forth this semester. It was also just short of the 19 awards that WKU brought home, a program with a much larger group of students available to enter.  That’s really promising.  The other exciting thing about the KNPA contest is that almost all of your winning images came from the fall semester. If one semester of shooting can place this well in KNPA, then imagine what your entries will look like next year, with this spring and next fall semesters being full of focused photojournalism.


Picture Story
3rd Place – Britney McIntosh

General News
3rd Place – Ed Matthews
HM – Ed Matthews
HM – Keith Smiley

Picture Package
3rd Place – Elliott Hess
HM – Elliott Hess

Feature Picture
3rd Place – Elliott Hess
HM – Brad Luttrell

Sports Action
1st Place – Keith Smiley
2nd Place – Keith Smiley

Sports Feature
2nd Place – Elliott Hess
HM – Ed Matthews

3rd Place – Britney McIntosh

HM – Arkasha Stevenson
HM – Keith Smiley


UKPJ – February workhsop

January 30, 2008

I think most of you have at least heard that this was coming together, but now it’s official: UKPJ’s February workshop will be taking place on the 15th through the 17th outside of Bowling Green, Ky. We will be staying as a group at the Gasper River Retreat Center, and will focus our shooting on the Northwestern end of town, the zip code 42101. The workshop will focus on both still images and multimedia. The cost of UK students to participate is $50 and the cost for non UK students is 75$. Food will be on your own during the week, but I’ll make sure to take care of dinner one night for you guys.

I am working on having another still coach at the workshop besides myself to work with you guys, but as of right now, Hunter Wilson will be workshop coach for the multimedia team. Hunter Wilson currently lives in Bowling Green and produces multimedia for the Daily News, and has worked for the Roanoke Times and the Washington Post. Hunter is a phenomenal multimedia producer and, much more importantly, he’s a good guy and we’re very luck to have working with us at the workshop.


The Gasper River Retreat is at the little green arrow on the map above. 42101 is generally from the center of the map, where it says Bowling Green extending like triangle through the top right of the map.

The structure of the workshop will be different from those earlier in the year. For the still participants each day will consist of a series of assignments, shootouts and multiple picture packages. For the multimedia participants the workshop will begin with a general brush up on equipment, a couple programs and technique and then you’ll begin gathering audio, editing your sound and producing finished pieces. After the first day you will begin to add pictures to your multimedia pieces and will work with the still shooters to produce multimedia stories for their picture package assignments.

This is the first of a series of smaller workshops that will compose the Picture Kentucky spring workshop series. This first workshop is a really good opportunity for anyone who has not had a lot of photo experience as we will pack a lot of shooting and critiques in to a short period of time. You more experienced shooters won’t be left out though, as this is your chance to sink your teeth into a little multimedia and to find some really interesting people/pictures in the 42101 zipcode. When I was a student at Western 42101 was by far my favorite place to shoot. Questions?? Email me at dirtydozen@ukpj.org. Also, most people have been aware that the signup deadline was the 29th (yesterday) but I’m pushing it back to Thursday night so that more people have the opportunity to join in. To sign up send an email to me at that same address, dirtydozen@ukpj.org.

Children of the Americas

January 17, 2008


Carla and I are heading out tomorrow for Guatemala to shoot with the non profit (and amazing) medical team based out of Lexington called Children of the Americas. These guys volunteer their time and medical gear, travel on their own dime and get thousands and thousands of dollars of medical equipment donated each year because they are passionate about providing medical care to rural Guatemala. To learn more about COTA check out their site at childrenoftheamericas.com, or to see some older pictures from a couple of years ago, visit cotainteractive.com.

Carla and I are going to be out of town for the next two weeks or so I had to make the final picks for Hearst a little bit early because of that, I and wanted to quickly recognize Ed Matthews and Elliott Hess, who will be representing us in the second round of Hearst – Sports and News. In contrast with portraits and features (round one), this round was really really thin – but you guys are headed in the right direction. We’ve already talked about a lot of different news opportunities (Republican Convention!!) and I think next fall you guys will have a very deep, well rounded group of sports and news pictures to turn in. That said, Ed and Elliott both did a good job this semester and their entries are below.

Ed Matthews – Sports



Ed Matthews – News



Elliott Hess – Sports



 Elliott Hess – News 



If you guys see Ed or Elliott, please tell them congratulations on being chosen to represent the University of Kentucky in this round of Hearst.  Also, I wanted to mention Britney McIntosh for coming in a very, very close third for this round.  Up until about 1:30 this morning the top two were Elliot and Britney, but some last minute editing Ed found a couple pictures that really helped his entry and he made it into the top two.  Another reason Britney didn’t quite make the cut for round two was that one of her pictures was pulled from an essay she has been following up on from the Winter Workshop in Evarts, Ky., and I decided to hold that image so that she could possibly enter it in round 3 later in the spring.

Congrats to all three of you…

The first spring workshop of the Picture Kentucky workshop series will be held on February 15th through the 17th just outside of Bowling Green, Ky. We will be leaving as a group early Friday morning (the 15th), probably around 7 or 8 o’clock or so and get started shooting around 11:00 Bowling Green time. The format will be a little different from the past workshops, stories won’t be the focus. Instead we will be giving you a series of assignments and shootouts through the day each day, and sprinkle in a little bit of multimedia also. We will be inviting a coach to the workshop, preferably two, one for stills and one for multimedia. Those coaches haven’t been determined yet, but I will be pinning that down shortly.

Carla and I will be out of town through the 27th to work on a project, and once i get back I need a definite list of who will be participating in the workshop. The cost for the workshop is $50.00. The deadline to let me know if you will be taking part is January 29th. To officially sign up send me an email at dirtydozen@ukpj.org.

KNPA Conference

January 14, 2008


Just a quick reminder, the annual conference for the Kentucky News Photographer’s Association is coming up soon and it would be really, really good for UK PJ kids were with a really large group to represent the photo community here at UK.

Here’s a run down: It is just $35 for
the seminar and it is packed with great speakers, tons of cool door
prizes and a chance to network, be seen and visit with PJ students from other schools (mostly WKU, really).
In a job market that is rapidly changing, shrinking and somedays slipping through our fingers, the KNPA seminar is a chance to recharge your professional batteries and spend the day with like-minded people
who share your passion, vision and thirst for visual story-telling. Visit the KNPA site at www.knpa.org to see all of the happenings and additional info on speakers, etc.

KNPA is a really great conference and at only$35 to attend it is a real deal.