UK Photojournalism – Hearst Round Two Entries

January 17, 2008

Carla and I are going to be out of town for the next two weeks or so I had to make the final picks for Hearst a little bit early because of that, I and wanted to quickly recognize Ed Matthews and Elliott Hess, who will be representing us in the second round of Hearst – Sports and News. In contrast with portraits and features (round one), this round was really really thin – but you guys are headed in the right direction. We’ve already talked about a lot of different news opportunities (Republican Convention!!) and I think next fall you guys will have a very deep, well rounded group of sports and news pictures to turn in. That said, Ed and Elliott both did a good job this semester and their entries are below.

Ed Matthews – Sports



Ed Matthews – News



Elliott Hess – Sports



 Elliott Hess – News 



If you guys see Ed or Elliott, please tell them congratulations on being chosen to represent the University of Kentucky in this round of Hearst.  Also, I wanted to mention Britney McIntosh for coming in a very, very close third for this round.  Up until about 1:30 this morning the top two were Elliot and Britney, but some last minute editing Ed found a couple pictures that really helped his entry and he made it into the top two.  Another reason Britney didn’t quite make the cut for round two was that one of her pictures was pulled from an essay she has been following up on from the Winter Workshop in Evarts, Ky., and I decided to hold that image so that she could possibly enter it in round 3 later in the spring.

Congrats to all three of you…


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