KNPA Results

January 31, 2008


The UK Photojournalism program did exceptionally well at the KNPA conference last week, winning 15 awards in the student contest. As far as I can tell that is the largest number of awards UK has brought home so far in a KNPA contest, so I am really proud of you collectively for how well you represented the effort you’ve put forth this semester. It was also just short of the 19 awards that WKU brought home, a program with a much larger group of students available to enter.  That’s really promising.  The other exciting thing about the KNPA contest is that almost all of your winning images came from the fall semester. If one semester of shooting can place this well in KNPA, then imagine what your entries will look like next year, with this spring and next fall semesters being full of focused photojournalism.


Picture Story
3rd Place – Britney McIntosh

General News
3rd Place – Ed Matthews
HM – Ed Matthews
HM – Keith Smiley

Picture Package
3rd Place – Elliott Hess
HM – Elliott Hess

Feature Picture
3rd Place – Elliott Hess
HM – Brad Luttrell

Sports Action
1st Place – Keith Smiley
2nd Place – Keith Smiley

Sports Feature
2nd Place – Elliott Hess
HM – Ed Matthews

3rd Place – Britney McIntosh

HM – Arkasha Stevenson
HM – Keith Smiley



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